Our 2024 Photography Calendar

Our 2024 Photography Calendar

Bright and colourful! This calendar is standard A4 size and spiral bound. It features photos I have taken mainly in Queensland.


Thank you for visiting my website 🙂 . My name is Anya Kirstein. I create Photo Calendars, Photo Clocks and Photo Coasters. Plus I specialise in nature, pet/ animal, macro and portrait photography.

It is a joy being able to turn everyday items into personalised pieces of photo-art, whether they are for the office, home décor or to be given as a thoughtful gift. My calendars, clocks and coasters add a touch of warmth and individuality to any space.

I love working with people and animals. I also love nature! Capturing your special moments is a privilege and delight for me.


Currently, I sell 3 products: Photo Calendars, Photo Clocks and Photo Coasters. Each display my photography. Please note: The below photos are just examples. I have many designs that you choose from. Contact me and I’ll email you the catalogue.

Photo Calendars

Bright and colourful! These calendars are a standard A4 size and spiral bound. They feature:

  • Photos I have taken
  • Include location/ description information about each photo.
  • Public holidays and Qld School Holidays are included.
  • A 13 month calendar

A few pages from the calendar are below:

Photo Clocks

Photo Clocks transform timepieces into cherished keepsakes. These unique clocks display photographs I have taken during the last 15 years. Contact me and I’ll email you the current catalogue of photography options. 

Choose from a wide variety of clock face shapes, numbered clocks vs non-numbered clocks. Many options.

Photo Coasters

The Coasters will brighten up any table! They come in a variety of designs. All use my photos. They are made from Sandstone. Very easy to clean.

These decorative coasters serve both aesthetic and practical purposes, blending functionality with striking visuals.

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-- Customer Name
Anya Kirstein

Quick bit about me

My passion for photography started in 2006 when I was travelling overseas in America and Germany. Upon my return, I completed my photography diploma. I’ve been taking photos with my DSLR camera ever since.

I have also completed certificates in ‘travel and landscape photography’ and ‘portrait photography’.

It is an absolute joy to be able to work with you to freeze moments that become cherished memories.

Amongst things, I also enjoy going into nature and finding locations or topics to photograph that inspire me.

If you would like to discuss booking me for a photo shoot, contact me or phone me via the enquiry form here on my website.


I provide the following services:

I specialise in providing portrait, landscape, pet and macro photography. If you are seeking a service that isn’t specifically mentioned here, please also let me know:


Portrait photography that captures unique stories, themes, special moments, emotions and/or unique times in your life. From candid moments to meticulously posed shots. Whether in a studio or amidst natural settings, I will ensure wonderful interplay of light, composition, and subject to capture authentic beauty and humanity. Gatherings, functions, single portraits and portraits in costume (themed portraits).


Landscape photography that captures the breathtaking beauty of the natural world, showcasing expansive vistas, dramatic terrain, and the ever-changing play of light. Australian landscapes often take my breath away - so many diverse and awe-inspiring natural landscapes, towns and/or cities. If you have a landscape you would like me to capture, let me know.

Pet Photography

Patience, creativity and photographic skill resulting in images that not only celebrate your pets, but also become cherished memories. From energetic action shots to soulful portraits, pet photography immortalises the essence of your pets, offering a timeless keepsake. I can also take photos of you and/or your family with your wonderful pet.


Macro photography is a captivating specialised form of photography that involves capturing subjects at a close range, magnifying their textures, patterns, and structures. I can take close-up photos of your favourite flowers in your garden and other objects. Delve into the intricate details of tiny subjects, revealing a world often unnoticed by the naked eye.

Why Choose Me:

I am passionate about photography. Selecting the right photographer is of utmost importance. Considerations like budget, compatibility, and the potential impact on your special day can weigh heavily. As someone with years of experience, I bring a relaxed demeanour and a budget-friendly approach to my work. I prioritise understanding your unique needs, expectations, desired mood, and the intended use of the photos.

It’s not just about capturing images but ensuring that the entire experience enhances rather than detracts from your day. I aim to seamlessly fit into your vision, creating lasting memories that reflect your style and preferences.

"Thank you Anya for coming out and taking lovely pics of me and my horses. We had a fun few hours and no pressure."
-- Janice Maybin Monk
"Had a wonderful photo session with Anya at the beach. I’m happy with the photos and prices."
-- Riteshni Pratap
"Thank you Anya for photographing the Wellness Hub Bundaberg. It was a fun day and I loved how you made everyone feel at ease and talked us through our shots."
-- Elizabeth Rose


To request my product catalogue, order product(s) or for photoshoot booking enquiries, or for any other reason, please contact me using the below enquiry form.

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